You rarely hear about the technology behind a cup of coffee, but the ZoomCaffe process of delivering an outstanding cup of coffee is fascinating—and unique.

The Truck

The ZoomCaffe truck is specially designed to support every aspect of providing you with an outstanding coffee experience. It’s just the right size to slip into a local gathering place while enabling our caristas to provide personal attention to every customer. The interior is designed to maintain stability for our high-precision grinding and brewing equipment. And the entire cafe can quickly pack up and move to the next location to repeat the process for more devoted ZoomCaffe customers.

A High-precision Process

ZoomCaffe’s airtight bean reservoirs keep the beans ultra-fresh. We grind our coffees using a burr grinder—instead of a typical blade grinder—to help prevent heat from destroying natural antioxidants. Grinds are tailored precisely to the specific roast and bean type. The ZoomCaffe truck carries its own pure water with an on-board filtration system.

Making Gourmet Coffee Mobile

The most technologically advanced brewing equipment available has been adapted for mobile use. Brewing is controlled by the brewing machine’s microprocessor, which “reads” the grind and bean type and adjusts the exact amount of water to contact the beans for the optimal amount of time.

Top-quality Beans

A great cup starts with great raw materials. Coffee is produce. We select in-season beans and custom-blend varietals to match local tastes. Beans are roasted in small batches to precise specifications for the type of bean and flavor desired. And we only use local roasting companies, so the path from roaster to your cup can be measured in minutes.

It’s Easy to Find Us

See where we are right now by checking the map or visit our monthly calendar to see where we will be each day.

No Compromising the Details

Who cares about the size of the microfoam bubbles in your cup? Our caristas do. In the hands of our specially trained caristas, high-tech equipment and high-quality coffees are combined with a friendly greeting and personal, courteous attention to make magic. Everything comes together perfectly in your cup—and in every cup.